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Game Master's Screen

Feng Shui 2

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Conceal the secrets of the Chi War from the prying eyes of your players behind a wall of mystery and knowledge!

This heavy-duty three-panel screen also contains the most important reference material from the Feng Shui 2 core book, to keep your game running smoothly.

Included with the GM Screen is A Fistful of Fight Scenes.

  • This 32-page booklet presents 15 locations in which to set dazzling battles between your players and nefarious factions of the Chi War.
  • Thrill to such cinematic classics as Nightclub, Ancient Temple, Moving Train, Bamboo Forest, Tea House, Factor Floor, and Shopping Mall!
  • Each location is packed with ideas for things to explode violently while the heroes show off their action movie moves.

Are you ready for it?


JDR Ecran|Univers Fantastique


Jeux de Rôles V.O.|Univers Décalés / Autres