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25th Anniversary - Reign of Stanislava

Vampire: the Eternal Struggle

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Happy Birthday !

The 25th Anniversary product for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle contains:

  • a 100 card preconstructed deck, one of the games most classic deck archetypes,
  • an extra 18 iconic cards, reprints from all eras of the game’s history,
  • two copies of a powerful vampire new for this set,

Like the previous 2019 preconstructed decks, this product holds many sought-after reprints, making it attractive for existing players. It is also suitable for new players who want to start with a powerful but not overly complicated deck. The deck is ready for play out of the box or customisable with other Vampire: The Eternal Struggle cards.

Each player needs a deck to play.


Jeux Construction Deck|Univers Contemporain


Jeux de Société|Jeux de Cartes Evolutifs (LCG)|Vampire: the Eternal Struggle