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Normandy : The beginning of the end

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Normandy: The Beginning of the End est un jeu tactique simulant les combats en Normandie en 1944.

The War Storm Series is a saga designed to simulate combats using heterogeneous weapons squads at the level of a platoon.

The games were originally created by Juan Carlos Cebrián and Nicolás Eskubi, being the latter also in charge of the graphical design, winner of the renowned Charles S. Roberts (CSR) Awards.

The saga is based in the principle of the “simultaneous execution”, or as it widely known “We Go”, a hybrid system of both, turns and “real time”.

It does achieve a medium level of complexity though it has a remarkable tactical depth. Even though is mainly designed for 2 players, it has a built-in neat solitaire mode that allows the player to compete against a genuine AI system.

The length of a game may vary depending on the scenario chosen and its scale, ranging between 1 and 2 hours.

Joueurs : 2

Age : 14+

Durée : 1 à 2h


Pour 2 Joueurs|Univers Historique|Wargame


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