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Le Parlement des ombres - Deck Lasombra

Vampire: the Eternal Struggle

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No vampires are more worthy of being called monsters than Clan Tzimisce. They master the art of sculpting flesh and bone into deadly weaponry, and they are the depraved spiritual leaders of the Sabbat sect. One thing is certain: No strangers are welcome in the Den of Fiends.

Your strategy relies on strong defensive capabilities – you control your enemies by thwarting their actions and maiming their minions in combat. Over time, you find weaknesses to exploit and gradually establish dominance.

Ce deck prêt à jouer contient 77 cartes de bibliothèque et 12 cartes de crypte et permet de jouer le clan du Sabbat : Lasombra !


Univers Contemporain|Jeux Construction Deck


Jeux de Cartes Evolutifs (LCG)|Vampire: the Eternal Struggle