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Blood Bowl

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The Dark Elves team home ground is rather novel, set on the deck of a Dark Elf ship. While the Dark Elf team is filled with sneaky Assassins and bloodthirsty Witch Elves, there are bigger concerns lurking in the deep...

One side of this board depicts a Dark Elf home pitch on the deck of a ship, emblazoned with a giant Dark Elf team icon. Teams need to be careful, though, or they might attract the attention of a sea monster! The reverse of the board shows the pitch half-submerged, with tentacles writhing across the wooden surface.

The dugouts also feature both calm and submerged sides, and also have the usual Reserves, Knocked Out and Casualty boxes, plus Score, Turn, and Re-roll trackers. Rules for representing the particular features of both sides of the pitch are also included in this set.


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