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Viking Death Squad

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Viking Death Squad is a world, RPG system, and play resource inspired by the heavy metal superclassic 'War Pigs' by Black Sabbath. This TTRPG is an explosive game of immortal vikings, cybernetic horrors, and demonic legions. This compact book is jam packed with hard-edged artwork by Brandish Gilhelm, with all the heavy metal, battleaxes and screaming skulls the genre demands.

  • 134 page sewn hardback (14x21.6mm) with faux leather charcoal cover, green foil stencil, silver foil spine stencil, spot colour interior.
  • A D6 dice pile system unlike any other.
  • No Hit Points, Initiative-as-armor and more hard-and-fast innovations.
  • A unique world of Urth in the 100th century, complete with radioactive monstrosities, armies of cyborgs, insect tribes, and Vikings from space.
  • Play as Viking Immortal or resourceful Human survivor- Explore the Warlands, Low Orbit, the Poison Forest, and Hell itself.


Univers Fantastique|JDR Tout en Un|Univers Futuriste / S.F|Univers Post-Apo


Jeux de Rôles V.O.|Univers Décalés / Autres