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French Grenadiers à cheval of the Imperial Guard

Black Powder Epic Battles

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Utterly devoted to their emperor the Guard Horse Grenadiers were, along with the Polish Lancers of the Imperial Guard the only two regiments of Bonaparte's Guard undefeated by enemy cavalry in combat.

Entry requirements were strict - a successful candidate must be at least 5' 8" tall, have more than 10 years service on a minimum of four campaigns and have citations for bravery. Tall, well built and handsome they were the very epitome of elite heavy cavalry. Known for their haughty demeanour they were known as 'The Giants' or 'The Gods'.

As the battle of Waterloo drew to a close and the French army was falling apart in the face of the combined Prussia and British-Allied armies the Horse Grenadiers stood out as exempt from panic. An officer of the British 12th Light Dragoons explains how his regiment advanced upon these giants on big black horses – they "appeared to take but little notice of our advance, when opposite their flank they fired a few pistol or carbine shots. We were ... being too weak to make an impression [on them], they literally walked from the field in a most majestic manner."

Contains four bases of cavalry in Warlord Resin including plastic base sprue and flag sheet.


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