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French Chasseurs à Cheval of the Imperial Guard

Black Powder Epic Battles

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Remaining loyal to him even in his exile these men followed Napoleon Bonaparte from Arcola to Waterloo. The Guard Chasseurs à Cheval are fine light cavalrymen, skilled in melee combat and harassing the enemy. Napoleon’s respect for the regiment was clear as he often wore the green undress uniform of the chasseurs.

Amongst the most colourful regiments in Europe, the Guard Chasseurs were more flamboyant and resourceful than their Grenadiers-a-Cheval counterparts but were also less disciplined and on occasion had to be ordered to salute generals or to cease smoking their pipes on escort duty. This earned them the unwanted sobriquet 'The Spoiled Brats'.

Meeting the British and King's German Legion cavalry at Waterloo several of the Chasseurs squadrons rode up close to the Allied lines and challenged their officers to single combat. The British and Germans preferred discretion rather than valour on this occasion...

Contains four bases of cavalry in Warlord Resin including plastic base sprue and flag sheet.


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