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Not The End

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The Not The End Lesson Card Deck includes 54 full colour 6.2cm x 8.8cm cards. These cards will help the players manage the Lessons their Heroes will learn. Each lesson is a boon that will give a character new ways to influence the Story.

Lessons in Not The End are skills that allow you to use the tokens you draw in a unique way. Each lesson is described on its own card that you can keep with you during sessions or take the details from the card to add to your Hero’s traits.

Let the story change your Hero: The Heroes of Not The End evolve and learn lessons when they experience the consequences of their actions. Players can decide which trials are crucial to the evolution of their Heroes, but they must decide before knowing the outcome. In this way, each Hero evolves during the story depending on successes or failures tied to experiences that are significant or personal to them.

Not The End is an award-winning roleplaying game that tells the adventures of Heroes willing to risk everything for what they hold dear. The game uses an original diceless system called HexSys.



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