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Fabula Ultima

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This is your world, this is your story.
Make a choice and fight for what you believe in.

Fabula Ultima is a Tabletop Roleplaying Game inspired by Japanese-style console RPGs,or JRPGs. In Fabula Ultima, you and your friends will tell epic stories of would-be heroes and fearsome villains, set in fantasy worlds brimming with magic, wondrous locations, and uniquely bizarre monsters!

Press Start is Fabula Ultima’s ready-to-play introductory scenario: a complete tutorial that will plunge you into a tale of bravery and memorable characters... all you need is the courage to fight for what you hold most dear!


  • A step-by-step tutorial scenario that allows you to start playing while reading it, with no need for advance preparation!
  • Includes four FREE pregen characters and the Load Game PDF booklet that guides you to expand your games!
  • A5 52 full-color pages, stitched.

Fabula Ultima is a game by Emanuele Galletto, published by NEED GAMES!


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