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Lost Legends

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In Lost Legends 3 to 5 players are mighty warriors, developing their strengths in order to battle increasingly ferocious monsters as they quest deeper into danger.

The players choose from five unique heroes; rewarded with gold for defeating monsters they equip themselves with weapons and armour, magical scrolls and artifacts to enhance their strengths and alleviate their weaknesses. 21 different monsters stand between them and becoming legends.

Only one warrior can become a legend: set your fellow players up with monsters they are not prepared to fight and don’t let them get the equipment cards they need. You might even use magic to get them into trouble.

Joueur : 3 à 5 joueurs

Age : 10 ans et +

Durée : 70 min


Jeux de Stratégie|Aventure|Univers Médieval Fantastique


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