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Wrath & Race, a guidebook to Orcs & Half-Orcs

Dungeons & Dragons 3e

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Wrath & Race, a guidebook to Orcs & Half-Orcs is a sourcebook for d20 system and can be uses with Dungeons & Dragons 3e.

The biggest, meanest, dumbest race in d20 is back for another round. The orc has long been a punching bag for fantasy gamers, but not anymore ! The orcs (and half-orcs) of Wrath & Rage are stronger, more savage, and more cunning than anything you've faced before. This toolkit for GMs and players is packed with new options, including :

- Over 50 new feats, including Rage Chenneling feats that let you "spend" a rage to create new types of mayhem.

- Seven new prestige classes for GMs and players, including the Rage Smith and the soul Gorger.

- 4 new creatures and 3 new templates - allies and servants of the orc tribes.

- 2 sample orcish pantheons : the Great Warband and the Patrons.

- 9 new domains, including Savagery and Treachery, and over 20 new spells.

- New equipment worthy of a warlord : exotic weapons, magic items, and siege engines.

- 80 levels worth of NPC stats for Gamesmasters on the go.



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