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Fang & Fury, a guidebook to Vampires

Dungeons & Dragons 3e

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Fang & Fury, a guidebook to Vampires is a sourcebook for d20 system and can be uses with Dungeons & Dragons 3e.

Vampire enemies are a staple of fantasy adventure, but the standard race is too powerful for Player Character use in most d20 campaigns. Fang & Fury presents a new race, the vampire scio, which is balanced for play with conventional PC races. These mysterious creatures have their own history, traditions, and paths to power, and though individuals can come to rival the power of elder vampires, they are always vulnerable to the touch of the sun, or the attck of a holy warrior.

- The vampire scion template, expanded rules for vampiric strenghts and weaknes, and vampire campaign options.

- Alternate racial concepts, such as the natural vampire and psychic vampire.

- Over 30 new feats, including Drain Spinal Fluid and Hipnotic Voice.

- 9 new prestige classes, such as the Black Abbot, Masqued player, and Vampire Mage.

- A dozen new creatures, allies and minions of the vampire lords.

- 2 sample vampire religions.

- Over a dozen new spells and three new domains (Blood, greed ans Mania)

- New equipment, magic items and artefacts.

- Ready-to-use vampire scion NPC stats in handy table form.



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