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Card Size Blue Abacus Life Counter

Compteur de points de Vie

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Un compteur de points de vie en métal

Quickly and easily count from 1 to 110 with the official Magic: The Gathering Abacus-style Life Counter. Made with a zinc alloy and finished with a matte black, the Magic Abacus Life Counter features all five Mana Symbols. Size approximately 88mm x 63mm and fits inside any Ultra PRO Deck Box. The top row of beads are finished in silver while the bottom row is finished in gold for better visual distinction.

  • Official Magic: The Gathering abacus-style life counter
  • Made with solid metal zinc alloy and finished in matte black
  • Features all five mana symbols on the front body
  • Sized to fit inside an Ultra PRO Deck Box
  • Silver beads on top row and gold beads on bottom row


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