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Dice Set

Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition

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Vampire: The Masquerade is the original and ultimate roleplaying game of personal and political horror.

You are a vampire, struggling for survival, supremacy, and your own fading humanity—afraid of what you are capable of, and fearful of the inhuman conspiracies that surround you.

As a vampire you suffer the pangs of the Hunger, the relentless and terrible thirst for human blood. If you refuse to deal with it, it will overcome your mind and drive you to terrible acts to slake it. You walk this razor's edge every night.

Dark designs, bitter enemies, and strange allies await you in this World of Darkness.

This dice set contains:

  • A set of 20 official ten-sided dice for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition.
  • 15 black Vampire dice and 5 blood red Hunger dice.

PLEASE NOTE! These dice are not required for play. The Corebook contains a guide showing how to use normal D10's.


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