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Elven Union Pitch – Double-sided Pitch and Dugouts Set (Anglais)

Blood Bowl

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The winds of magic flow freely across the Elven Union's home turf, which is just as likely to be an idyllic, perfectly tended patch of lush turf as it is to be a glassy sheet of ice – all the better for these peerless athletes to demonstrate their grace and composure. The fickle nature of the 'weather' is as changeable as a shift in the breeze, keeping players on their toes – right where Elven Union teams feel most comfortable.

One side of this pitch is immaculately tended, complete with an elegant pattern cut into the turf. The other side is covered by a sheet of mystical ice, marked with the elegant swirls left behind by ice-skating elves.

You'll also find a pair of matching double-sided dugouts to complete the theme. Redesigned for the latest edition of the game, each dugout features score, turn, and re-roll trackers, plus Reserves, Knocked-out, and Casualty boxes.

Rules for using each side of the pitch in your games of Blood Bowl are included.


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