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French Imperial Guard Horse artillery 6-pdr battery

Black Powder Epic Battles

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The horse artillery was not just the elite of Napoleon's Guard Artillery but the creme de la Creme of European artillery in the period. Guard horse artillery can quickly counter enemy threats, able as they are to reposition at the gallop as needed.

France's foremost historian on the Napoleonic Wars, Commandant Henry Lachouque, writes in his book 'Anatomy of Glory - Napoleon and his Guard', "There was, perhaps, no class of men on the face of Earth, who led a life of more continued exertion, excitement and danger, and who were more enamored of their occupation, than the gunners of Napoleon's Old Guard. Stalwart and resolute, bodies toughened by years of war, they had every reason to cheer Napoleon. He knew many of them, called them by name. In 1813 before Napoleon's birthday "the Guard Artillery prepared fireworks which they set off on the Elbe River just under the Emperor's windows."

Contains three bases of artillery (3 guns and 4 crew) in Warlord Resin including plastic base sprue and flag sheet.


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