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Wrestlenomicon is a card game of the Great Old Ones fighting over the end of the world.

Cthulhu! Hastur! Only ONE can rule the apocalypse!

Become a Great Old One and slam, smash, and obliterate your opponent. Each deck of cards represents a unique Great Old One. The core game includes a deck for CTHULHU—the Ageless Abomination! the South Seas Smasher!—and another for HASTUR, the insane and unspeakable force behind the King in Yellow.

Wrestlenomicon is simple. On most of your turns, you play an attack card. But unlike most games, attack cards don’t take effect right when you play them. You build up attacks to demolish your foe when the stars (and cards) are right.

This is a battle across time and space, and you see the enemy’s attacks coming long before they hit you. The question is whether you can properly counter-attack—and keep the enemy from slamming you back.

Wrestlenomicon comes with the Cthulhu deck, the Hastur deck, cultist cards for each deck, Attack Track cards, and more.

Joueurs : 2 joueurs

Age : 10 ans et +

Durée : 45 min


Univers Cthulhu|Jeux de Stratégie|Pour 2 Joueurs


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