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RPG Grid Mat Campaign Kit

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Must-Have for DMs to Unleash Terrains

The ENHANCE Grid Mat Campaign Kit is the perfect addition to any map-based RPG for reusable terrain drawing while adding a bit of thematic flair to your group's gaming session. Spend less time drawing grids on paper and more on bringing your mind's imagination to an already gridded and reusable DnD battle mat.

The Campaign Kit Includes:

1 x Single-Sided 36" x 24" Grid Mat with 1" grid
4 x Dry Erase Markers (Red, Green, Blue, Black)
1 x Dry Eraser
1 x Empty Spray Bottle (50ml)
1 x Battle Scroll Sleeve (Travel Pouch)

Built to Last Epic RPG Battles
Three carefully designed layers bring extreme durability that will outlast competing DnD battle maps.
The high-resolution parchment print is reinforced by the playmat's backing layer to protect against peeling or lifting, which leads to ridging and impossible-to-erase stains in other erasable mats.

Don't Fear Tabletop Drink & Snack Casualties
Spill accidents are bound to happen. Be ready with a water and tear-resistant game mat that will keep the game going...unlike an energy drink-stained paper map.



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