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Wet Palette Wargamers Edition (Palette Humide)

The Army Painter

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Palette humide de la marque The Army Painter

The best Wet Palette on the market just got bigger and better!

The new Wet Palette Wargamers Edition is made with superior quality materials, custom-designed to keep your acrylic paints preserved, perfectly smooth, and creamy. Now, with an Extra-Large surface area (276mm/10.6” x 198mm/7.8”) to accommodate your biggest painting projects!

It also features a unique and versatile, hard-plastic Paint Well Insert with 30 wells for your Speedpaints and Washes. It also has storage for up to 6 Wargamer Brushes and 10 Hobby Brushes from The Army Painter range. 

The Wet Palette Wargamers Edition is made of high-quality, durable, and easy-to-clean materials, so it easily withstands the demands of your creative journey.

So, make your painting life easier and more enjoyable with The Army Painter’s Wet Palette Wargamers Edition.




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