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Giant Book of Battle Mats - Revised

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Attention Adventurers! Grab your dice and get ready to roll initiative as the game is afoot.

All new maps, same great format! We have revised our iconic Giant Book of Battle Mats which now boasts 62 brand new maps!

A map for any fantasy RPG encounter at your fingertips!
The Revised Giant Book of Battle Mats is the huge tome of maps for fantasy tabletop roleplaying games. The maps are fully wet/dry marker compatible, and means the maps can be amended and adjusted to reflect the encounter. A 1" grid throughout allows easy tactical planning for combat encounters, while the detailed artwork will immerse any encounter in the setting.

The innovative 360° spine allows the book to fold in half so each map page can be used individually, ideal for random encounters and small tables! Of course the book also lays dead flat to allow the complimentary opposing pages to create an epis, immersive battle map!

No more hastily drawn maps mid game or spending hours preparing, just open and roll initiative.


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