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In 1837, Queen Victoria begins her long reign over the United Kingdom, a country split between Liberals and Conservatives. Liberals strive for social progress, including repeal of the Corn Laws to help feed the working classes, expansion of the electorate to create a real democracy, and Home Rule for Ireland. Conservatives want to slow the pace of change, while advancing their own agenda to maintain order, protect traditional values, and secure the Empire. Her Majesty occasionally interferes in politics, but it’s the Prime Minister who really governs the country and sets the political agenda.

"I think that the principle of the Conservative Party is jealousy of liberty and of the people, only qualified by fear; but I think the principle of the Liberal Party is trust in the people, only qualified by prudence." - W.E. Gladstone, Prime Minister (Liberal Party), 1868-1874, 1880-1885, 1886, 1892-1894

“My objection to Liberalism is this—that it is the introduction into the practical business of life of the highest kind—namely, politics—of philosophical ideas instead of political principles." - Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister (Conservative Party), 1868, 1874-1880

Ten different Prime Ministers served during Victoria’s reign, with varying degrees of success. Now it’s your turn to experience Victorian political life, taking on the role of a historical politician. Will you make your mark as a Backbencher? Stir up trouble as a wily Opposition Leader? Or successfully govern the world's greatest empire as Prime Minister?

Joueurs : 1 à 4 joueurs

Age : 12 ans et +

Durée : 2h



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