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Core Rulebook

RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game

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The legendary MMORPG comes to your tabletop!

With this fully illustrated roleplaying core book, you can bring iconic RuneScape and Old School RuneScape lore to life in a whole new way. 

This fully illustrated, hardback book contains everything a potential RuneScape noob needs to get started:

  • A comprehensive guide to Gielinor, filled with classic RuneScape locations and lore
  • Everything you need to play, all in one book. A lifetime of adventure at your fingertips!
  • Full character generation rules — build your new hero, exactly as you want them
  • Complete core rules — an elegant 3d6 system crafted to capture the essence of RuneScape; easy to learn for players and game masters alike
  • Magic, Prayer, and Summoning — a full guide to the mighty forces you can unleash on your enemies
  • Crafting and Equipment — fishing, mining,’s all here!
  • Game Master Advice — an array of tips and tricks for running games that feel like RuneScape brought to life
  • An extensive bestiary — iconic characters, NPCs, and bosses you’ll learn to love (and hate)
  • Over 200 pages of RuneScape roleplaying content, for infinite hours of play!

So, don your favourite cape, check your inventory’s got enough space for loot, and get ready to max out your legend.


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