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Zombicide 2nd Ed. Paint Set

Zombicide - The Army Painter Warpaints

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Lorsque la fin est proche, tout ce qu'il vous faut, c'est une bonne boîte de peinture !

Paint set for the new revised Zombicide board game. This set contains both the earlier core set and the survivor set, which are now out of print.

Nobody quite knows where it started, but the dead have started walking again, and they’re hungry…for human flesh. Bring your undead experience to life and enhance your gaming experience playing Zombicide: 2nd Edition when you play with painted miniatures. This paint set will help get you started with everything you need to paint your Survivors and Zombie abominations as well as a brush that’s ready for action.

INCLUDED FREE - a special Phil, the cop miniature and ID Card! With everything included, this is the perfect way to kick off your 2nd Edition adventure!





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