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Macedonians vs. Persians

Pocket Battles

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The ancient armies of Macedonia and Persia are yours to command in this portable and exciting tile-based war game. You'll fight on three fronts with armies you create for each battle, making every battle a new experience.

Each Pocket Battles game depicts two armies. The rules for combat are the same in each Pocket Battles game so you can have armies from different series fighting: Elves vs. Romans! WW2 soldiers vs. Napoleonic forces! It's all possible with Pocket Battles.

The Pocket Battles series can satisfy your need for battle, strategy, and victory, just by reaching into your pocket.

Joueurs : 2 joueurs

Age : 13 ans et +

Durée : 30 min


Pour 2 Joueurs|Jeux de Stratégie|Univers Antique


Jeux d'Import|Wargames