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Explorers of Ixalan

Magic : The Gathering

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Explorers of Ixalan offers a fun, quick-to-play, standalone Magic: The Gathering experience that combines board game elements with the excitement of multiplayer Magic.

Players choose to play one of four 60-card decks representing the four factions from the Ixalan storyline: The Legion of Dusk (Vampires), The Brazen Coalition (Pirates), The River Heralds (Merfolk), and The Sun Empire (Dinosaurs).

During a game, players will explore the verdant jungle of Ixalan in search of the Golden City of Orazca. They will discover locations and events from the story along the way.

Joueurs : 2 à 4 joueurs

Age : 14 ans et +

Durée : 30 à 45 min


Magic : The Gathering


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